On the power of mathematics and the power of Power. (Week 5, Day 3)

Here is a short Persian language film written, directed and produced by Babak Anvari, an Iranian born filmmaker living in London, UK.

Two & Two

Mathematical facts are eternal, but mathematical learning is shaped by the culture around it.


2 thoughts on “On the power of mathematics and the power of Power. (Week 5, Day 3)

  1. C. Robson says:

    Ouch. Very disturbing. As a teacher, I hope that I allow my students to see things as they are and to be able to be comfortable enough to disagree.


    • Reg Robson says:

      A little bit of extra background: according to the Wikipedia page for 2+2=5

      In presidential debates prior to 2009 Iranian presidential elections, reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi accused his interlocutor, president Ahmadinejad, of being illogical and said: “If you ask (the president) what two by two makes he would answer five.” In the following days, one of the slogans chanted by Mousavi’s supporters was “two by two makes five!”

      As a teacher I hope never to have to make the decision about teaching the truth or teaching the propaganda. (There is a very fine line that we walk when teaching the moral lessons, sex, drugs, and gambling, for example. Places where children maybe shouldn’t know things “as they are.” But that is a something for a whole different blogger.)


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