On Nothing (Week 4, Day 3)


Why is there something rather than nothing?

It’s a profound question. Martin Heidegger called it the most fundamental issue in philosophy. People have been asking it for a very long time, and different people have come up with some very different answers. Various religions have everything being created by a god or gods, but this does not fully answer the question, since it does not answer why there is a creator in the first place.
Currently science deals with why there is something rather than nothing, by citing the anthropic principle. Things exists, because if they didn’t you couldn’t ask that question. This is very similar to Rene Descartes’s famous statement “I think, therefore I am.” Which was essentially a proof, that no matter what, there did exist at least something (specifically: me, or in your case: you.) But this seems to dodge the question. Rather than being a comprehensive story of the whys and hows of existence, it merely reaffirms what we already know, that we do indeed exist.

This is the beginning of a pattern that we will see runs through a lot of logic. If one keeps asking “why?” one will eventually arrive at a wall where the only answer seems to be “just because.”

Actual nothingness is not something that is possible to experience, since where ever you go, there you are. You get in the way of the nothing. Like trying to see the back of your head when standing between two parallel mirrors.



One thought on “On Nothing (Week 4, Day 3)

  1. Chris Robson says:

    Not being able to see the back of my head when standing between two parallel mirrors reminds me that I need to get my hair cut. Or is the hairs cut?


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